PS Lovely Lady

Exciting news in the world of Lady! She’s currently on performance lease with our friend Alex in Kansas City! Alex is on a journey to prepare to do the Mongol Derby in 2021 and is wanting to do endurance to get used to the long hours in the saddle! In the meantime she is coming down to Hutch to work with Erin and learning the ropes on younger horses as well! We are super excited to be a part of all of this process!–


June 2020–Our latest update is that unfortunately we found out that Lady has a bone spur in her right front fetlock that we didn’t know she had until she started increasing work in deep soil. She was sound on a Pre-purchase exam on packed soil, but the increased range of motion exacerbated her joint pain and she was mildly lame with that extra work. Fortunately Alex was kind enough to bring her home and is leasing another of Erin’s personal horses to prepare for the Derby; Lady will join our broodmare band since she is such a truly Lovely Lady! She seems to be happy with this role and we are tickled to see what kind of babies she will produce! Right now she is in with Rushcreek Geronimo and should foal sometime early next summer! (Alex will be keeping the baby! EEEEK!!!)

PS Lovely Lady

By J.Krewe out of PS Twilight Mist in 2012

Dark Bay

Est. 15hh (can stick for more accurate height)

Training:  Saddle broke but needs miles, has been worked extensively on groundwork and trailer loading, picks up feet well.

Personality:  Sweet!  Curious!  Playful!  She will be an affectionate and fun trail partner!