PS Rushcreek Genius

Gene is a 2 year old stallion–I’m looking at him as a potential stallion prospect for the herd! His dam is Rushcreek Fiesta (pedigree) and his sire is Prairie Cessna, check out his pedigree here–he’s heavily Raffles bred and has had a successful career in reining! We currently have Cessna on lease from Oasis Farms and look forward to the influence he places on some of the Rushcreek Mares! If you have followed the breeding of Rushcreek, there are a lot of influences from Shalimar breeding, particularly Shalimar Caribou (Cessna’s sire), and based on Gene’s conformation and temperament, I think it’s highly complimentary! Check back to follow how he does!

As is my plan for breeding, if he does not fit the needs of breeding (excellent conformation, bloodlines and temperament) in some way, I have no problem gelding him, and if that should happen he will be available for sale. I do believe in responsible breeding–I try to breed for foals that are as good or better than their ancestors, with careful selection of breeding stock and cessation of breeding for those stock that are not producing quality babies. I do not believe in breeding just because you can!