Zee Business

A double Xenophonn grandson, Zee is athletic as you could wish for, with a stateman’s demeanor! He knows his job, but he is quite the gentleman on the ground and has produced many wonderful babies for us since we acquired his breeding lease from the Rushcreek Ranch in 2012.

Zee himself has been a reserve grand champion working cow horse on more than one occasion, and his moves are no accident–his athletic babies have more than proven that for us. Most of the available 3 and 4 year olds on our website are his babies as well as the horses listed under past sales!

Zee is available to breed outside mares from late March through the first of July–book your time now for your mare! Ask about discounts for the first two breedings that are scheduled–and we offer multiple mare discounts! Breeding fee is $1000, plus $5/day mare care. Ultrasound confirmation of breeding is available at an additional $50 (if sedation is necessary that will be extra) through our veterinary breeding specialist.