The Big Day Draws Closer

Tomorrow marks the 2 week countdown to the big day–July 28th is the 63rd running of the Western States Trail Ride!

As we get closer to the ride, I will be posting the official countdown on Facebook, but in my heart and mind the days have already started ticking away.

It’s quite difficult to not let my fantasies drift to California already. The Mamas and Papas song inhabits my internal radio with my own California Dreamin’. Scenes from last year’s ride filter through my head; if you catch me with a dreamy smile on my face and eyes focused on some other world, you might guess where I’m at.

I do tell myself that this year will not be exactly the same as last–first, we will be starting from Robie Park–if you recall 2017 was the 2nd time to start from the Soda Springs Ski area in the history of the ride. I will be exploring new territory along with the other riders who may have traversed there already. Second, every day is a new day; every step along the way is one we have not experienced before. If we can enjoy each moment as it passes and appreciate it for its uniqueness, we will have a happier life! My goal this year is to love the trail we get to experience and the trail that Rio is okay with! Lady Luck has a huge part of this ride, so I never try to expect that things will go as planned; rather I will go as far forward as we can. Hopefully that means it’s all the way to the end of the ride.

Mentally I try not to anticipate what things will be like on the trail. As humans it is very natural for us to do that and try to plan accordingly. I make very concerted effort instead to live the life right in front of me and roll with what path actually exists, not one that I have created in my mind.

That’s not to say I don’t plan ahead. Big trips such as this do require some preparation. Last weekend I spent cleaning out the trailer and organizing. I stacked hay bales and feed, purged the trailer of excess materials (but left just enough extra equipment in for cases of need). I reviewed and sent emails out to my crew discussing the plan for vet checks and where they would go–I have an entirely different crew this year and it will be fun to explore how they work together to help Rio most importantly.

At home I am making to-do lists; laundry, food, miscellaneous items that I may need to bring are being thought of and written down as I can.

All of the above are merely preparations for the trip out west; you might ask what I have done to prepare Rio for her big challenge! Stay tuned for more on that in the next post…

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